For our professional studies module we were asked to form groups of 11 and create our own proto-practice. After initial discussing what areas of professional practice we believed need changing and through bringing together all our interests and expertise, we formed PPL ( People, Place, Lifestyle) At PPL we want to change the construction industry to prioritise ethical values above all. Our vision is to design and construct places that prioritise the wellbeing of people and our planet, through the implementation of ethical principles and advanced computational methods.
We set out to produce the two journals that can be viewed below. The first journal explores the design of the business. Here we detailed how the business is structured, the finance and cash flow strategy, the marketing strategy and how we intend to grow the business in the next 5 years. The second journal focusedĀ on our design process and looked at the services that we offer. We set out how we would use our advanced computational tool, Evelina, to improve the traditional design and construction process and also touched on the importance of health and well being within not just our practice, but within the wider construction industry.

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